Loch Belivat

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Fishing - Loch Belivat is closed for the 2020 season.

Loch Belivat remains closed due to concerns regarding use of the boat while observing social distancing restrictions, different households sharing the boat, and the length on time the virus can survive on hard surfaces.

Brown Trout fishing is available on the beautiful Loch Belivat from April to September.

The loch is served by a single rowing boat and you will be the only ones fishing during each session, with an average catch per outing of 2 fish and an average weight of about 1½ lbs.  Catch and release is encouraged and we do ask for all fish under 12" long to be put back. The bag limit is 2 fish per rod per session.  All fishing is by fly only. Surrounded by mature woodland, the loch feels secluded and peaceful despite being located just off the A939.

From the beginning of May until the end of August the fishing is split into a Day Session from 9:00am to 5:30pm and an Evening Session from 6pm to dusk. The cost is £30 per session for 2 rods. To book a session or for more information please Contact the Estate Office for more information.


2019 Report

                  Trout caught                                            137

                     Average catch per outing:                                     2.8

                     Average weight:                                                        1½ lbs

                     Percentage of fish released:                            83%

                     Largest fish caught:                                          2½ lbs


                     Best bag:  Saturday 6th April (Day Session)   13 fish


Rob Hoskin, Estate Office, Lethen, Nairn, Scotland IV12 5PR Tel: 01667 452247 Email: info@lethenestate.com